Stapleton – Beeler Park by CreekStone Homes is a  new home community in Denver, Co.

When you live in Beeler Park you’ll find yourself at the center of two very different (but pretty wonderful) places. To the west, the neighborhood is bordered by Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, an energetic venue for concerts and sporting events. And to the north, you’ll find the expansive 16,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge—where the buffalo really do roam. And in between the two, you get a blend of passive and active, relaxation and adventure, dense and wide open, solitary and communal. It is a neighborhood that has found the perfect balance…so you can follow suit.

Stapleton schools offer multiple choices for inspiring our young residents. The way we see it, different kids have different skills and different ways of learning. So you’ll be happy to know that all of the DPS schools in Stapleton are top rated. And kids in the Beeler Park neighborhood can choice into any of them. For more information visit